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Residential Landscape Maintenance

Levy's Landscaping   Residential Landscape Maintenance


There are so many worries and stressors in life.  One of them doesn’t have to be maintaining your space.   We will assist you in protecting your investment, whether it residential or commercial, as if it were our own.  Our Team of Experts is trained with the knowledge of the most appropriate pruning times of year and informs you of any problems with plants or drainage.  Our goal is to keep your yard in pristine condition year round and to keep your beds clean and weed free.  We want your yard to look its best at all times, and to be healthy and strong.  Your yard is a reflection on us and we take that responsibility very seriously.


Levy’s Landscaping Maintenance Services include:


  • 1.  Turf Management
  • 2. Tree Shrub Care & Pruning
  • 3. Keeping Beds Clean & Weed Free
  • 4. Seasonal Color- Spring/Fall
  • 5. Cleaning and Blowing Parking Lots/Driveways/Walkways
  • 6. Mulch/Pine Straw Installation


Our Custom Maintenance Program will ensure that you will receive the most economical options available to you over the course of your investment.  This is our commitment to you.


Levy's Landscaping Company in Wilmington NC
Levy's Landscaping Company in Wilmington NC
Levy's Landscaping Company in Wilmington NC

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